New Arrivals

Dark brown leather satchel
Price £ 35.00
Love bracelet - 92.5% silver
Price £ 60.00
Large square silk scarves
Price £ 20.00
Pink embroidered mirrorwork
Price £ 60.00


Having travelled in India and seen the amazing landscapes, the wonderful and curious people with their vibrant saris, turbans and at other times hijabs or in the cities jeans and kurtas. Not to forget mentioning the spicy food and the vibrant spices that also serve their purpose in a delicious masala tea. One place is so different from the other and so are the people. However, there is one thing they all have in common and that is India. I simply fell in love with the place and the beautiful and colourful goods they are making.

The goods we sell are the same – a mixture of Indian handicrafts and manufactured goods from all over India that we think will be appealing to a wider audience. Interior and exterior, jewellery and textiles goods that ranges from very simple to more extravagant but all have an Indian touch. We hope this will give everyone a choice to find something that appeals to them and at the same time bring a taste of India to your home and wardrobe at a reasonable price.

Peepal Tree is an online shop and exporter of Indian goods. The name Peepal Tree was borne out of thoughts with my friend as we wanted to have a name that was directly connected to India. Peepal Tree is an old sacred species of banyan fig tree native to India. So, the name "Peepal Tree" symbolises the essence of India and also the products we are selling.

Peepal Tree does not sell goods that have been produced by child labour.